Welcome to Your Garden Cookbook

What is Your Garden Cookbook?

Welcome! Your Garden Cookbook is a project that shares  our interests in cooking, gardening and community building  around Portland. Your Garden Cookbook is completely free.

Why: We want to spread the joy of growing and cooking your own food. Sharing a meal is the essence of life, dare we sound like hippies. Cooking should be filled with improvisation and exploration, gardening should feel accessible.

Who we are: We are Lexa Walsh and Nicole Penoncello, two Portland-based artists who love cooking, gardening and sharing resources.

How it works: How it works: We make an appointment to visit your garden, assess your needs and aesthetics, make you a hand-made custom cookbook, and share a meal with you, where we hope to collect recipes and stories, which we will share with others.

Tell us about your garden! Email us at: yourgardencookbook (at) gmail.com

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