Putting Your Garden to Sleep for Winter

Nolan and Chris gave us some great tips for keeping our garden comfy over winter…

Plant Garlic in full-partial sun before the New Year: Take your biggest local cloves and put them in the ground spacing them 3-4 inches apart, with 18″ between rows, or try 2″ squares. Lay thick compost or straw over it and you should be able to harvest in June or July.

Plant Cover Crops early, to grow in spring and then chop & compost. Controls erosion and weeds.

Rye Grass if you have a rototiller or chickens

Vetch is the “king of cover crops”

Austrian Field Peas recharge depleted soil

Clover can be incorporated into soil or compost, but don;t let it go to seed

Mulch leaves, dead plants and layer 6″-8″ to create a habitat for soil life

Add a dusting of agricultural lime into soil

Take a soil test! What minerals are deficient? What toxins are there? A & L Labs in Beaverton is a local resource.



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