Step-by-Step Krautmaking with David Barber!

Using a dense cabbage, remove outer leaves and core.

Cut or shred leaves with a meat tenderizer in a relatively regular width size, about 1/4″.

Mix cut cabbage with kosher salt in a pickling jar or food-safe plastic. Opaque is better that glass, but.. . Mirador on Division has ceramic crocks. For every 10 lb of cabbage, use 1/4 lb salt.

Mix with hands until it starts to macerate. Layer in fennel seed and black pepper. Pound kraut in (without breaking your back or the jar please) and keep layering. It will keep shrinking and extracting juices. You need to keep pounding until the juice covers the kraut. The broken cells create a saline brine.

Weigh down the kraut with a plate or a food-safe plastic bag filled with water. The cabbage will ‘decompose’ inside the brine. The methane needs to escape with some air holes while the liquid/sugars/salt stay inside.

Store in a cool-ish place (not the fridge)

Day 3-5 – the methane escapes (could be smelly- fear not)

Day 5-14- Curing- the flavor is developing

Meanwhile, skim off yeast mold- white mold is ok, black mold is bad and your batch needs to be tossed

Refrigerate after day 14, having skimmed during curing process.


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